Common Questions

How long are the tours?

We aim to be on our way for 9.30am when everyone is ready to go.
It's a long day in the saddle and we try and only stop for a snack break halfway.
By 2pm most are ready to call it a day. But if your still wanting more, the rocky ridge loop close too base will finish you off.



What things do you ride?

We have a great mix of things from open trails that go on for miles, to fast flowing single track and tight technical rooty woods as well as huge hillclimbs, steams, quarry's and coal tips.


Why do I need too be road legal?

We're not riding in circles around a private field, we will be using public roads to get to trails, crossing between valleys and visiting petrol stations.
Roughly 2miles on road usually.
We don't have facilities to check your legality this is your responsibility.
But if you bike isn't legal (numberplate and lights) then you won't be allowed to join tour.


My numberplate is small is that ok?

Again this is up to you..
UK motorcycle numberplates are massive and completely impractical but any smaller and you could get £100 fine if stopped.
To date this has never happened on a tour, but has been known.
You can get quick release brackets that allow you too remove your legal plate and pop it in your pack if your worried about this.



Is it the same route every tour?

Never the same route. There are approx 15 specific areas we ride and we mix these up everytime.


What if Im not comfortable riding up or down a section?

No problem there's always an alternative route around things. Sometimes depending on the conditions we have to take the alternative way.


Will my bike last the day on one tank of fuel?

Depends on your bike and how you ride..
4stroke bikes generally use less than 2st but every bike and rider is different.
Converted Mx bike have small fuel tanks so you will definitely need to bring fuel or need a fuel stop.
If you know your bike is thirsty then keep this in mind and let us know..  A bottle with few litres of fuel that you can put in your backpack is a good backup plan.



What food shall I bring?

Completely upto you.. energy bars, high protein snack, haribos.. things that you can easily fit in your back and won't spill out.


What spares shall I bring?

If you can fit it in your van or car then bring it with you... Worse case we need to loop back to base, but you'll be surprised what you can fit in your backpack or better still on your bike.
My personal bike has the following concealed in airbox and underset:
Clutch lever
Brake lever
Gear lever
Chain breaker
CO² canister
13/10 spanner
8-13 sockets
Split links
Boot lace
Spare bolts/screws
Cable ties
Gaffa tape
Small first aid pack
Spare front & rear pads
Small bottle brake fluid
Emergency cash

That's all hidden in my bike so less weight on my back. Surprising what u can stash securely.



What if I get a flat tyre?

Don't want a flat tyre..... Fit mousses.
There are other solutions like tubliss inserts which also work great. But if you are running inner tubes you have 2 options:
Pack tyre levers and wrench for both front & back wheel nuts, along with spare front tube (also works on rear so only need 1)
Its hard messy work to change tube on the trail and parts are heavy.
Easy option is a small can of tyre weld.

Worse case we get you back to main road and sort recovery.


Can I clean my bike after tour?

We have 2 jetwashes for you to use. Remember too bring any cleaner sprays, chain lubes etc

We do have a small stock of these items to purchase from the shop.

Any other questions please drop us a message or call for a chat