Rider & Bike Requirements

!! Important !!

Rider/Bike Requirements:


Minimum required protection includes-

Full face helmet

Off Road boots


Goggles are advised (for your safety)

Knee guards are also highly recommend.

Body armor / neck braces are optional, but lighter/cooler attire is always a good idea.

Being Wales its likely to be wet so bring a thin pack away jacket.

Heavy adventure jackets are not recommended!

You will be sweating within first half hour, so layers under thin jacket is best idea.

You and your bike must be road legal.

(This is your responsibility and risk)

Headlight must be fitted 

Working brake light is recommended 

Number plate MUST be fitted! ... NO PLATE NO RIDE....

 Horn is recommended. (You'll be happy you had one if your lost or upside down in a ditch)

Bikes must be in good working order and reliable.

Without these your ride will be refused.

ie. Don't rock up with a basic Mx bike!

You will be using your own bike, all we ask is that you have prepared your machine ready for a full days action. If you have any issues, however small then get them fixed... Otherwise it will likely bring your day too an early finish.

If your machine has any obvious major issues you could be refused too join the group.

Accidents happen so it's highly recommended to bring some basics with you that fit your bike:

Spare levers (Clutch/Brake/Gear)

Spare Pads (front & back)

Spare Chain split link

Small bottle tyre weld

Basic tools

(Things you can fit in your backpack)

If there are a group of you with similar bikes, then share spares between you.

Hydration pack - Highly recommended.... Nothing massive, 2L capacity is usually more than adequate. Anymore is counter productive.


Any tyre is aloud. Road legal Mx tyres are a good choice.

If your running tubes then we recommend putting some tyre slime or similar in tubes to minimize punctures or bring a small can of tyre weld to get you out of trouble.

Mousses are highly recommended

We can supply tyres / mousses and spares at discount prices.