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Tried & Tested

Were excited to finally offer the amazing Lucioli Extreme inner tubes.

With very little information or reviews out there for this product, we decided to write a review on them.

We have been testing these tubes and have been genuinely blown away by their performance.

Mousses have been the go-to product for Enduro and Hard Enduro riding, but as your likely to know it’s not as simple as buying a mousse and off you go.

Mousses are a minefield, with countless manufacturer with countless sizes and compounds.

And it doesn’t end there... One manufacturer 120/80-18 mousse quite often won’t fit your 120/80-18 tyre, especially if there not the same brand.

You end up with multiple size mousses for multiple tyre sizes.

Then there’s which compound do you have? Medium are great for trails but not so good for extreme. Soft are great for extreme but get hot and break down on hard trail terrain.

And if your planning on riding to trails or linking trails with any public roads, then you in for a surprise if stopped by law enforcement, as mousses are not road legal!

So what’s the answer?

How about an extremely thick inner tube, with moulded in dual rim locks.

The Lucioli 7mm Extreme tube is just this. Giving you the option to run at pressures as low as 2psi.

Well we have been testing them and here’s what we think:.



Firstly, you need to drill an extra hole in your rim for the additional rim lock. Now before you think "oow that doesn’t sound good it will weaken the rim"

Well, this crossed our mind also so we contacted SMPRO with this question, and they told us that as long as you don’t drill on or near the rim weld line then no problem.

Great news, so we drilled one extra hole in both wheel rims, and opened up the existing rim lock and air valve hole to 9mm with chamfered edge to aid fitment.

Tyre was coated inside with a generous amount of mousse lube (silicone grease also recommended), and lucioli tube was then inserted into the tyre.

Lining up the Air valve and the closest rim lock holes the nuts were screwed on a few threads before the first bead of the tyre was levered onto rim. So far so good.

The second rim lock was a little bit fiddly, but some persuasion with a tyre lever popped it into the rim and with a widdle its popped through the rim hole.

Then it was just a case of levering the final tyre bead on. Simple.

As the Lucioli accommodate multiple rim widths, the rim lock and air valve seats which are moulded into the tube are relatively flat, so we inflated the tyres to 20psi and tighten the rim lock bolts until snug with a good seating withing rim.

Then deflated the tyre to required psi.



We first tested with Front set to 9psi and rear 6psi, which at first felt very similar to a soft mousse.

Stability was good on the harder terrain, and grip was again very similar to soft mousse on the soft stuff.

Its when the rear pressure was dropped to 4psi and front at 8psi that the lucioli started to shine.

Not once was there the feel of a rim grounding out, which was surprising with such low pressures.

The tyre felt like it had much better contact with the ground due to the larger footprint.

With mousses (even soft) there’s always that feel of rebound or bounce, and that’s where the lucioli differs.

The impacts are absorbed more with lucioli, and the more tyre that’s in contact with the ground the more grip is available.

The initial grip you get catches you out a first, you’re expecting a slight slip of the back wheel but it just bites in.

Tractoring up steep terrain was effortless, and the grip just kept being found.


With the front pressure set at 8psi the front felt perfect so was left at that, whilst the rear was dropped to 4psi.

WOW.... Just WOW. The front could be lifted easily with no spinning of tyre even on the slickest off camber terrain.

For extreme riding this surpasses any compound mousse previously tested. It felt like a brand new tyre, but in fact it was far from this..


For the test the lucioli tubes were installed into 4 ride old mitas terraforce green stripe. The nice edge had already long gone.

But the lucioli still performed superbly. After 20hrs testing and tyres now even more worn (beyond where we would normally change tyre),the grip levels are still there.


For us these tubes are the best of both worlds. Yes they are more expensive than cheaper mousses out there.

But there versatility and claimed lifespan makes them a better deal.