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Michelin brings to you another offering to their offroad / on road range, the Tracker. This road legal off road tyre allows you to ride between off road sections or simply allow you to use your bike as everyday transport through the week and a play machine at the weekends.
The Michelin Tracker has been designed from the knowledge and experience of top level Enduro, Trials and MX competition to create a true all round tyre, eliminating the need to swap tyres to suit the terrain your riding on.
Michelin Tracker Tyre features:
Hard wearing multi directional tread pattern maintains a stable performance throughout the life of the tyre. With the added bonus of being fully reversible, these tyres become a fantastic cost effective option.Fully road certified and featuring tread wear indicators to allow you to keep track of tyre wear.Designed as a 90% off road 10% road use tyre indicates that this tyre is capable of holding its own off road as well as provide on road capabilities.Fully Road Legal off road tyre

Michelin Tracker EnduroTyre set

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