The Risk Racing® EZ5 Utility Jug

A fast flowing utility jug


Risk Racing is excited to report that their EZ3 Utility Jug is a success!  So much so that they have chosen to add to the Utility Jug family by introducing the all new EZ5 Utility Jug!  The EZ5 is a 5-gallon (20L) Utility jug with all the same features as the loved EZ3.  It remains a visual standout with its sharp and aggressive design, but it doesn’t stop at looks.  Risk has identified the challenges surrounding utility jugs and developed smart solutions to make life easier when dealing with fluids.  This jug solves the trials and tribulations common with transport, pouring, and even venting. 


The EZ Utility Jugs are exactly what the name implies, easy to use!  They have a triple handle design that is completely unique.  The top handle and side handle are obvious, but it is the third fingertip handle at the front of the jug that comes in handy during the end of the pour.  This triple handle design allows the user to carry and pour at any angle with comfort and control.  Use the EZ jugs with confidence knowing that they are constructed from thick-walled, high-density polyethylene, ensuring they are durable enough to hold up to any fluids you may transport.  All gaskets are made from virgin nitrile rubber for chemical resistance, and they are replaceable.  


The EZ Utility Jugs also solve the all too familiar problem of liquid spilling from the vent hole, which is typically placed entirely too close to the spout, so, “When you’re filling, you’re spilling”.  Risk placed their anodized aluminum breather on the very back of the top handle, keeping it far from the spout, and ensuring plenty of venting without the spills.  In addition, this durable aluminum breather is slotted so it acts like a throttle to control your pour speed. 

The Risk Racing® EZ5 Utility Jug