Tour Information

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Please take the time to read through this.

We offer guided tours around South Wales valleys...

Fast flowing trails to tight technical woods and hill climbs, we can tailor make the day for a fully bespoke experience.

Enduro tours are designed for all skill levels, from beginner up to Expert.

Hard sections have alternate routes, although guidance will be provided to encourage you to push yourself, which is what it's all about!

We try to stay off road, but this is not always possible due too chosen routes, fuel stops or you or your bike have mechanical issues where you need to get back too base via a more direct route.



1 Day tour - £40 per rider

(min 4 riders - Max 6 riders)

(Under 6 riders then additional participants of similar ability

may join the group.)

1 Day Private tour for 1-6 riders - £230

(Nobody else will join a private tour)

One2One Training day for 1 or 2 riders - £250

Designed for beginner/novice riders

We will go through the basics of offroad riding and how to make the most

of your bike. 

Gates open at 9am with a brief chat to introduce the group, a check over of your bikes and some basic tweaks if required.

 We then head out on the chosen route.

The route options will be discussed prior to arrival and confirmed on the day (Please bear in mind certain routes will be a lot more taxing in wet weather)


If you want too use your own GoPro your more than welcome.

Tour guide will be GoPro equipped to catch your day.

Highlight sections will be captured.


If you wish too stay locally there are hotels/Bn'B from £35 pp

Bikes storage:

We can securely store your bikes and equipment whilst your at your accommodation.

Jet washes are available on site to clean bikes after your tour.

Please remember too bring some bike cleaner, chain lube and spares with you.

We do stock a range of consumables too purchase if required.

Our workshop can supply tyre's/moose's/Pads and spares.



Tours will be cancelled in extreme weather conditions.

This is rare, but very ice'y conditions can be dangerous.

If tour is cancelled due to extreme conditions then full refunds are issued.

Cancellations (Group or personal) MORE than 14 days in advance are refunded in full.

Cancellations (Group or personal) 7-14 days in advance 50% refund.

Cancellations (Group or personal) LESS then 7 days in advance are non refundable.


Your tour guide will be fully road legal and insured along with liability insurance.

Hopefully you will be fully road legal, including insurance which can also include breakdown cover.

We highly recommend having this in case you cannot continue due to mechanical breakdown or accident.

General insurance very rarely includes off-road use, but can sometimes be added to the policy for a reasonable amount.

A dedicated Off Road or sports insurance is advisable, a quick Google search will answer all those questions and options.

Recovery back to base is usually available but not guaranteed and will incur a cost.

*We run with 6 people maximum per group to minimize delays, and so your tour guide can give adequate support and advice to each rider without to much delay throughout the day.

We have built up a very good relationship with local farmers and landowners, and go out of our way to respect the land, other people and wildlife. And we ask that you follow our lead and do the same. Disrespectful behaviour will result in your tour being cancelled,

and future tours withheld.

Any questions please don't hesitate to to drop us a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible (unless its 2am)

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